Exciting Property Plans

Click on the link to see our exciting Property Plans (2016).

2020 Update:

The current building work is a combination of projects, some of which have been in discussion for over 7 years. We were also fortunate to also receive a $180,000 Ministry of Education 'special grant'. This is specifically tagged for non-teaching space only, as in administration. The other work currently happening this year is weather tightening/re-cladding of the whole senior area and the back wall of Autahi. 

It's great that it's finally underway and we look forward to utilising the space when completed. When that time happens, the staff can finally move back into their staffroom and the current admin area will be developed into a new Library space. Following that, the next allocation of Ministry of Education money will be available and this is tagged to be used in 'classrooms' which will mean we will have the ability to upgrade class spaces/facilities like toilets.