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Become a Board Trustee

School boards and trustees play a critical role in all New Zealand schools, and this is particularly the case here at Worser Bay School. We are fortunate to have had a wide range of parents who have contributed in many different ways to the governance of our school. Some of those contributions are coming to an end for a variety of reasons and the three yearly cycle of Board elections is now upon us.

Returning Officer
Dennis Thompson (former Principal of Lyall Bay School) has agreed to act as our Returning Officer and is already up and running. Dennis’s role is to independently ensure the smooth running of the election process and ensure it follows the Ministry’s prescribed guidelines.

Key Dates 2019
Friday 10 May Call for nominations
Friday 24 May         Nominations close
Monday 27 May         Voting papers sent 
Friday 7 June         Election Day - Voting closes
Thursday 13 June         Votes counted
Friday 14 June Board announced and takes office

What does it take to be a Board member?
You! The Board should reflect the school community so we need parents who are representative of the fantastic environment we have. As such, the Board needs to have a wide range of skills and experience from formal (governance or management etc) through to informal (common sense and just being a parent). You could have been involved with the school for many years or you may have a child who has just started in Autahi. You may have been involved with Boards or Committees before or you have never attended a meeting in your life.

All it really takes is that you have an interest in your child’s school environment and a willingness to bring whatever skills and enthusiasm you have to be involved.

You will get lots of support from existing Board members, and training opportunities are also provided through the NZ School Trustees Association (NZSTA).  

What does a board (and Board member) do?
The Board meets regularly (approx. 8 times a year, so every 6 weeks or so) to discuss, debate and decide on a wide range of matters involving the school. These can range from agreeing policies that the school will implement, oversight of proposed premises matters, through to helping out with fundraising suggestions. Most importantly it acts as the conduit to support Jude and her team to implement the curriculum and teaching culture that Worser Bay parents expect to see in place. 

Where can I find out more about it?
There are a number of ways in which you can find out more about what’s involved. 

One of the easiest ways is to talk with existing or past Board members to get an idea of what its all about, what their experiences were and what they got out of it. 

Attached is a link to the current Board members who will also to be happily talk through any questions you have Click here    

The School Trustees Association (NZSTA) has a lot of really useful information, including video clips, on what it means and what’s involved. Click here

Make a difference and nominate yourself or someone you know by filling out a nomination form.

Nomination form   pdf